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Forsiden -> nintendo-wii -> 10 Minute Solution (Solus) /Wii
10 Minute Solution (Solus) /Wii
10 Minute Solution (Solus) /Wii

10 Minute Solution (Solus) /Wii nintendo-wii

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Fitness fanatics looking for another way to train up on their Wii will be happy to learn that Activision is bring exercise title 10 Minute Solution to the console soon.

The new game is based on the fitness DVD series of the same name and, as you might expect, allows players to build their own exercise regimen in 10 minute blocks.

Users can select exercises from the cardio boxing, aerobics and mixed games categories and sweat off some excess pounds in activities which aim to offer a more traditional videogame experience than other fitness titles.

The title will also be fully compatible with the Wii Balance Board while remaining completely playable without it, in order to make the fitness experience as open as possible.